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Laura Secord by Aurorita Mahbub

Laura Secord was born as Laura Ingersoll on September 13th, 1775 in Great Barrington, Massachussets. She and her family moved to Queenston (also known as the Niagara Peninsula) in 1775, where she settled and eventually married her husband James Secord, a militia sergeant. Laura Secord unfortunately passed away in 1868 at the age of 93. As a loyalist and historic figure, Laura Secord is considered to one of the greatest heroes in Canada to this date. Along with her husband, Secord also played a major role during the War of 1812, and with her assisstance, the British were able to successfully defeat the Americans.


Laura Secord is mainly recognized for her journey by foot, 32 km from Queenston to Beaver Dams in a desperate attempt to help warn Lieutenant James FitzGibbon of the plan the Americans had conducted to attack his outpost. When FitzGibbon was informed, there was a crucial turn of events, which caused the British and Native troops to force the Americans to surrender at the Battle of Beaver Dams on June 24th 1813. Soon after in 1814, the peace treaty had finally been enforced, and it prevented the Americans from having further control of the Niagara Peninsula.

Leadership Skills

There are multiple leadership skills that Laura Secord has portrayed throughout the course of her honorable journey in the War of 1812. Many of these skills also happen to be included in Nelson Mandela's 8 Lessons of Leadership. Her role during the war has made a positive impact on Canada today, as the nation did not have to lose the Niagara Peninsula to the U.S.

By: Aurorita Mahbub Civics Grade 10

1. "Keep your friends close - and your rivals even closer." Although the Secords secretly felt forced to accomodate the American troops, they did not discriminate or behave rudely with the troops. In fact, they were very diplomatic. This in return allowed Laura Secord to discover the plan the Americans were plotting, in order to defeat Britain. Soon after, she began her long journey to Beaver Dams to warn the British of what was to come next.



Laura Secord

2. "Courage is not the absence of fear - it's inspiring others to move beyond it." Laura Secord was a courageous individual as she took a decision that could be potentially life-threatening; an 18 hour journey by foot from Queenston to Beaver Dams. She was fearless, although she faced several obstacles. Laura Secord continued to be determined and aimed to deliver the message to James FitzGibbon. In result, her courage became the key to what helped Britain succeed.

3) "Nothing is black or white." Laura Secord challenged herself during her long journey. Her exhausting 30 km trek has therefore become a story to tell. She thought practically, in complex ways. In order to avoid contact with American patrols and have her whereabouts be investigated, Laura came up with a plan of her own. She took a complicated route extending her journey, which allowed her to use visiting her ill brother as an excuse. Laura Secord was successfully able to reach Lieutenant James FitzGibbon without having to face too much trouble throughout her trek.



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