[2014] cole large: Laura Secord

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[2014] cole large: Laura Secord

Time Line

"The weather on the 22nd day of June,1813 was very hot and Mrs. Secord, whose person was slight and delicate, appeared to have been and no doubt was very much exhausted by the exertion she made in coming to me, and I have ever since held myself personally indebted to her for her conduct upon that occasion..."

1775-Laura Ingersoll was born.1797-Laura Ingersoll married James Secord1812-Laura walked 20 km through the woods to warn the Britsh of the Americans1813-Laura eavesdropped on the American troops conversation1868-Laura dies when she is 93 years old1913-The Laura Secord Chocolate store was founded1999-The U.S. candy company buys a company named after Laura.

Lasting Impact

Laura Secord had a big impact on the world because she wanrd James Fitzgibon that the United States were coming to invaid.

Laura Secord


Laura Secord was born on September 13 1775. She lived for 93 years, untill she died in 1868. Laura and her family lived in the Niagara region but when she was 8 years of age, sadly she lost her mom. The one thing that Laura was known for most was the afternoon of June 21. Her and her husband James were eavestroping on some American soilders and heard that the Americans were planing a sudden atack against the brtish. Laura and James thought that someone had to tell the British and since James was wounded from battle, Laura and her niece went. They walked 20km but her niece only made it half way before she got to tired from the hot weather and had to turn around. Laura was able to keep going until she ran into the First Nation Mohawks and they lead her to James Fitzgibon, She warned them that the American's were coming to attack, so the First Nations and the British were able to suprised the American's with a battle. Fitzgibon and his troops captured 450 American soldiers. When the battle was over, Fitzgibon sent a concerning letter to Laura recognizing her good deed which greatly effected how life is today.





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