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Laura Numeroff


- Laura Numeroff is a very popular children's author, and has written over 25 stories- Some of her awards and achievements include the Quil Award for "If You Give a Pic a Party" in 2006, The Milner Award in 2007, and was a Readion Rainbow Feature Selection

Laura Numeroff


Laura Numeroff was born in Brooklyn New York, on July 14th in 1953. She grew up with her parents and two sisters and loved to read at a young age, leading to her carrer in writing. She graduated with a degree in communications and a contract for her first book, "Amy for Short," in 1975. She now lives in Los Angeles, California, where she takes tennis lessons, reads to kids in foster homes and hospitals, and is a book and movie fanatic.

- Numeroff credits her profession to her two favorite childhood stories, "Stuart Little" and "Eloise".-She originally went to Pratt Institute for Fashion Merchandising, but hated it, and ended up taking a class on writing and illustrating books for children.- Many famous individuals such as Hillary Clinton, President Bush and his wife, as well as Michelle Obama and her mom and daughters, have all ready Numeroff's stories to groups of children.



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