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Laura Matroni Music and Movies

This songwriter is best known for his reggae music and was born in 1945 to an African American teen mother. He grew up poor. He had a view for that change should be seen on a global level, and this is exhibited in the music and songs he created. He was a supporter of the People’s National Party and was the target of an assassination attempt.

Ray Charles is an American musicican that blended jazz, gospel, and blues to create a unique sound that was loved by many. His music transcended racial divides, and one of his songs even became the state song of Georgia. In the song, Take These Chains from my Heart, he talks of love lost.

Ray CharlesTake These Chains From My HeartJazz/Blues

ED312Cultural Competence and ResponsivenessMusic and Movies

Bob MarleyConrete JungleReggae

The song is about a woman that does not have to put up with bad behavior from a man because she makes her own money and can handle her own business with or without him. The song says that she is able to buy her own things and that if he wants to cheat on her then he can get out. She has options and can exercise those options to find a man that will treat her the way she wants to be treated.

Akeelah and the BeeThis movie is all about overcoming the odds and the obstacles that are placed in your way despite the difficulties and challenges that inevitably pop up along the journey.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

BeyonceIrreplaceableHip Hop

Tyler Perry is an African American male born in 1969. He grew up in New Orleans, and had to fend for himself a lot on the streets there. He used those experiences and has become a well acclaimed and awarded writer, actor, and director.

Ray Charles singing


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