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Laura Ingalls Wilder

1882: She became a teacher

1867: On feb. 7 she was born

1885: She married Almanzo wilder

1894: She moved to missouri

1932: She published first book

1940: She stopped writing

1957: She died :(

1974: A tv show was made about her

Laura Ingalls Wilder was a great woman who grew up like a pionier.

When Laura Ingalls Wilder was a child she traveled a lot. She lived in many houses and met alot of people. she lived in Wisconsin,Missouri,and Kansas. Her family was Ma (Caroline), Pa (Charles), Mary (older sister), Carrie ( younger sister), Grace (baby sister), and Charles Fredrick but sadly he died when he was 9 months old.

*Pa had a fiddle.*She went to a one room school house.*She travled in a covered wagon.*Her neighbor once swam across a stormy river to give her -one penny,-one tin cup,-one little cake and-one candy stickon christmas.*When she was a kid she played with a blown up pigs bladder!*For christmas one year she got a rag doll named charlote. she was so happy!



She... *Published the Little house book series.*Her books have been translated in 26 languages.*She is important to me because she wrote my favorote book.

mager acomplishments

-Little house in the big woods by:Laura Ingalls Wilder(1932)-Houghton mifflin-pebble go!-Laura Ingalls Wilder by:Carol Greene (1990)-Laura Ingalls Wilder pioneer girl by:Megan Stine

CHURN=make butter

*Washing dishes*making the bed*clean*iron*sew*bake*churn


work cited



Log house

The Ingalls girlsLaura, Mary and Carrie.

By: Amalia Marie Seedman


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