Lau v. Nichols Court Case

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Lau v. Nichols Court Case

Who: Immigrants were arriving into Chinatown in San Francisco under the immigration act of 1965. The case represented 1800 students of Chinese immigrants in the San Francisco School District

Lau v. Nichols1974

~~The immigration act of 1965 resulted in a sharp increase of immigrants in San Francisco. The school district expected the immigrants to assimilate and learn in English-only classrooms. The school district didn't feel they had the adequate resources or the responsibility to teach the immigrants English.~~ In 1970, a class action lawsuit was filed against the school administration on behalf of the 1800 immigrant students. On Dec. 10th, 1973, the Supreme Court Heard the case and ruled in favor of the students. The Supreme Court stated that the school district was in violation of the students' civil rights (Civil Rights Act of 1964) because the education they were receiving was not equal because it was not meaningful. ~~ As a result, the teachers in San Francisco school district received training in bilingual education. Programs began in schools across San Francisco to overcome the learning barriers for students who do not speak English.

When & Where

What Happened?

The court case began in the schools of San Francisco's Chinatown but was taken to the supreme court on Dec 10th 1973.

How & Why:Schools were no longer segregated but this Supreme Court ruling stated that identical education does not mean equal education. Federal law now protected immigrants' right to a meaningful eduction.

Quote:“There is no equality of treatment merely by providing students with the same facilities. . . for students who do not understand English are effectively foreclosed from any meaningful education.”


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