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Social Studies

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GovermentParliamentry RepublicPresidentAndriz Berzinz

Physical GeographyRealitivly flat with gentel rolling hilsClimatewarm and dry summers with fairly surver winters

Location57*N 25*EIt is in the Baltic region of Europe

Currency1 Latvian lats = 1.5 US dollars

ImportsSome major imports are cars, packaged medicants and refined petrolium.ExportsRefined petrolium, sawn wood, weat, raw iron bars Hard liquir

Major Industries* metal working* chemicals* machien building*petrochemicals

Brady Pink

Main ReligionsThe main religions of latvia are Luthern, Orthodox and Roman Catholic.EthnicityThe Russians are the largest minority in Latvia.

WildlifeLatvia has many wood land animals like squrrils, foxes, and rabbits. they have a much smaller population of large animals like elk and deer. The sea is filled with many fish.

SportsHockey is the most popular sport in latvia. Soccer is also a main sport in Latvia. Some other sports commonly played are skiing bycicling and airsoft wars.

Holidays* Easter*Christmas*Laborday*New Years*New Years Eve*Declaration of Independence Day

Famous People*Mark Rothko is a famous painter*Isaih Berlin is a famous Academic, educater, philosopher,journalist, and Historian* Mikhail Borghikol is a famous ballet dancer

Facts*The Germans were the firs to invade Latvia*The history of Latvia started at around 9,000 B.C*The largest river in Latvia is named Dagava *Riga's castle was constructed in 1330


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