[2015] gemma braun (5West LA - Quarter 4): Latin american myths

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[2015] gemma braun (5West LA - Quarter 4): Latin american myths

Latin American Myths

This here was a mythical species but now was found in the amazon ( his name is arnald)

Cuero sucks blood in Lake Lacar

This is a Yacumama, He is a sea monster that lives in the Amazon River.It's tail is 100 feat long. The length of the tail determines his/her age.

El Hombre ate rice in a restaurant and saw his love swimming in the sea and left to join her. He repeated this habit day after day, until he became an alligator and the two swam away forever!

Madremonte controls the weather and causes invaders to lose their way. The closest most people get to her is to hear her screams and wails coming from the woods on a full moon.

Ape man is considered Big Foot in US terminology.

Fact or Fiction?

The Huallepen is the body of a sheep and has twisted feet. The monster lives in rivers and lakes. The sight of the Huallepen can cause a pregnant woman to have a deformed child.

By: Gemma Braun


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