Latin American Civilizations

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Latin American Civilizations

Sample Daily Activities1. Do-Now Journal: Imagine an alien from outer space landed in the school parking lot. It announces, "Take me to your leader," and meets with the principal. What did it tell Ms. Chlystek? 2. Morning Reading: Primary source reading letters from Hernan Cortes to King Charles I

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"Latin America is only going to become more important to the U.S."-President Obama, 2011

Latin American Civilizations and Culture6th Grade Ancient Civilizations

Aztec masks for Art Day

Research Writing ProjectStudents will write and type a 5 paragraph expository essay about a topic regarding either the geography, conflict, culture, or lifestyles of either the Maya, Aztecs, or Incas. Essays must include at least 3 reputable sources properly cited. Glog topics will be based on the same research and essay topics.

Final Unit ProjectStudents will complete a Glogster presentation with text, images, or multimedia demonstrating their research on a topic from the Maya, Aztec, or Inca Civilizations to present at a classwide conference.

"South Side Up" Map asks "Big Questions" about the way we view the world.

Machu Picchu

Built by the Incas around 1450 in modern-day Peru.

Audiovisual reading of the Popul Vuh, primary source text of the Maya Creation Myth

Through regular small group work, collaboration, and writing workshop days, students will receive feedback on the writing process (pre-writing, drafting, revising, editting, and publishing) from peers and the teacher.

Inca quipu for Art Day


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