Latin America - Mexico

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Latin America -  Mexico

Mexico is a country in Latin America. It is a very diverse country with a variety of people, cultures, climate and physical features. It capital is Mexico City. Mexico border The US in the North, Pacific Ocean in the South & West, Guatemala & Belize in the Southeast and the Gulf of Mexico in the East. It is estimated that Mexico's population in 2013 is about 118 million people. The area of Mexico is 1,972,550 km2. The climate is quite hot and dry because it is very close to the equator.


Latin America - Mexico

Mexico have a very long history. It starts thousands of years ago from the civilization of the Mayan and the Aztecs makes these 2 one of the most spectacular and awesome civilizations had ever existed. Nowadays, historians and scientists are still try to finds more about these civilizations. Finally, the Aztec collapse when the Spanish comes and that start the Colonial Period (1519 - 1821). After independent from the Spanish, some other events happen like the rule of Porfiriato Diaz (1876 - 1910) or the Mexican Revolution which start from 1910 and end in 1929.


Mexico have very hot and dry land with mainly plateaus and mountains all over the country. Plains or flat lands take a tiny part in this country. The two major features are the Sierra Madre Occidental on the West and Sierra Madre Oriental on the East. These ares have high elevation and lie hundred of kilometers from North to South of Mexico. In between these 2 ares is the Plateau of Mexico which have a pretty high elevation and this area take a lot of space in Mexico. Also, these areas are very hot and dry because Mexico is near to the equator where the sunlight focus on.

Physical Features


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