Latin America - Mexico 2

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Latin America - Mexico 2



These are the indigenous groups that speak other languages instead of Spanish because more than 50% of Mexico's population speak Spanish

By arts, I am talking about music, painting, films and a lot of things. These things in Mexico is very popular. There are traditional music like Mariachi, Banda, Ranchera, etc. Artists like Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, etc. One of the famous building is the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City. There are also many other things which I can't list it all. Also most of these things are influence by the Spanish from hundred of years ago.


It's a shame introducing about Mexico but don't talk about the cuisine. Mexican food is amazing. There are so many good food and in each food, it is an amazing combination of food. For example taco, a classic and traditional Mexican dish. It's tortilla folded in a filling like fish, or pork, beef with vegetables which is optional. Taco is probably the most famous Mexican food. Chocolate is also very popular is Mexico because cacao is a major economy in Latin America so chocolate is very popular.



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