Latin 2 Augustan Propaganda

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Latin 2 Augustan Propaganda

Long live Augustus! You've probably seen our wonderful new currency depicting Augustus and his exceptional family, but have you seen the rest of our great leader's artwork? The Prima Porta shows our triumphant leader, looking as flawless and powerful as a god, while the Ara Pacis shows his whole family peacefully and justly ruling Rome.

Longus Vive Auguste!

Doesn't Augustus look almost godlike in this statue? His proud stature and broad features strongly resemble Apollo. Augustus deserves his power; even the gods must think so! His finely detailed breastplate shows a victorius member of his family, surrounded by the gods that obviously favor him.

Augustus' whole family is displayed on the Altar of Augustan Peace, a symbol of the ongoing prosperity that his family has brought us. Hopefully he and our gods favor another one of his relatives so that Rome can continue to flourish as it is now!

The Prima Porta

The Ara Pacis



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