Late Exit Bilingual Program

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Late Exit Bilingual Program

The Benefits of Late Exit Bilingual Program at Price Elementary Schoolby: Julie Gladstone and Adrienne Guillen

VioceThread Presentation by Dr. Wright on Dual Language Programs and Bilingual Immersion Programs

Late Exit Bilingual Programs follow the 90/10 model but extend through 5th grade rather than 3rd.

Sources:Interviews by the Principal and a teacher at Price ElementaryDr. Wright's VoiceThread on Dual Language and Bilingual Immersion Programs,STAAR test results

Students have the proficiency to present in either Spanish or English

One Teachers Blog from Price Elementary

These are the results for Math (top) and Reading/Language Arts for the STAAR test for Price Elementary compared to the District

Price Elementary is the only school in South San Antonio ISD to implement a late exit bilingual program, they are also the only exemplary school in the district. Their test scores are well above the district proving this method works well.

The school Principal and a teacher talk about the model used at Price.



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