Lasting Friendship

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Lasting Friendship

Antonyms:venom, ill will

The book title is "Holes"

“Stanley took hold of Zero’s forearms and pulled him upright. Then he stooped down and let Zero fall over his right shoulder. He stood up, lifting Zero’s worn-out body off the ground. He left the shovel and a sack of jars behind as he continued up the mountain Zero’s legs dangled infront of him.” Pg. 170

“But what if it wasn’t too late? He took another deep breath. Think about this, he told himself, but there wasn’t time to think. He flung open the door to the truck and climbed quickly inside.” Pg. 147

“He could see there was nothing ahead of him. Nothing but emptiness. He was hot, tired, hungry, and most of all thirsty. Maybe he should just turn around now. Maybe he’d already gone halfway and didn’t know it……. He kept walking” Pg. 152

Life Application:The friendship between my brother and I is very strong. He takes care of me when my parents are at work. We play baseball together, ride our ripsticks together, and we both love to read good books. I know that he always has my back and is always there to protect me when needed.

Lasting Friendship

“Why'd you help me?" Stanley asked. Zero turned around. "You didn't steal the sunflower seeds," he said. "So, neither did you," said Stanley. Zero stared at him. His eyes seemed to expand, and it was almost as if Zero were looking right through him. "You didn't steal the sneakers," he said......"I'll try to teach you to read if you want," Stanley offered." Pg. 96

Friendship is the state of being friends; the relationship between friends

Synonyms: goodwill, friendliness

Written by Louis Sacar


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