[2015] gracie tidwell: Lastes Technology

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[2015] gracie tidwell: Lastes Technology

The self-installing car seat uses a combination of robotics, advanced sensors, and connectivity to a smartphone app to ensure a perfect installation in the car and to keep parents informed of the seat's condition at all times. It has some good resources as said above. Some bad things that could happen is it could catch on fire. Its electric it could get to hot and catch on fire. My opinion on this it i was to have a child i wouldn't want my baby in this. I would want a normal car seat for him or her.

Lastest Technology

The flying camera is pretty cool. It has eight cameras on in it to have a perfect picture. The good thing about this is that it can fly an take great picture, but could have some mistakes. The bad thing that could have is what if its in the air and it drops. It will probably break and none reusable. My opinion on this is it could be dangerous. With being able to fly around you get it around the wrong person and some else can get hit.

Luggage carrying robot

Self Installing child saftey seat

This robot is very resourceful. It's made to scan luggage to see if there is an explosive inside. There are some good uses to it like to carry and scan the bag, but also bad things about it. The robot could go crazy and start loosing control of what's its carrying. My opinioin on this is that i think that it could be useful. To get whatever explosive is in it before it goes off.

Glogy by: Gracie Tidwell

Vuze flying saucer camera


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