Last Dog

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Last Dog


The Last Dogby Katherine Paterson


The main charcter's name is Brock. The setting is more likely to be in the future. They all live in a dome and Brock wants to see the outside worls, and everyhting thinks he's crazy. Everyone thinks the outside world is poisonous, and some sort of disaster happened.

The sotory is presented in the future. Everyone lives in a big dome, seperating themselves from the real world. Our main character, Brock, wants to explore ot of the dome. Everyone thinks he's crazy, but he's just curious.

Brock wants to outside world. He exits the dome, and sees the real world. While exploring, he meets a dog. A real one. He's only seen robot dogs.

Meeting the dog changes Brock. Brock becomes human. He expirences feelings. He name's the dog Brog. Brock doesn't want to go back to the dome. He wants to be free with Brog, in the outside world. Brock knows they're going to expirement on Brog, but he doesn't want them to.

Rising Action


Falling Action

Brock starts to think of ideas to keep them from expirementing on Brog. Brock likes the real world, and doesn't want to go back to the dome. He finds a way to keep them away.


Brock makes it seem as if him and the dog were sick. The people in the dome did not expirement on them and kept their distance. Brock and Brog are free in the real world.


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