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last chapter

HI SAM HI GRANDPA WHERS BETH I know she mite be at buzz whaching the mtv with buzz . so wher you doing going? geting beth ok by.

beth BETH TIME TO GO HOME! beth WHAT DO YOU WANT ! I just was going to say time to go home that all. o ok then by Buzz . what your promlomSam my promlom what your peomlon Beth? why do you want me ? i know WHAT YOU MADE ME GO HOMEWATE let me finsh. mom wats us why i know?


BY Jordan Cby JORDANBY Jordan

ok beth beth o great she dich me and they frogt my birthday to great just great happy birthday sam thank guys i thougyou guys frogt bang hand up and put themoney in the bag!Jordan talk ! ill the robers take the money what do you think.ok by o yea thankyou now by


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