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Lasers in Cancer Treatment?Laser therapy uses high-intensity light to treat cancer. Lasers can be used to shrink or destroy tumors or precancerous growths.

Where on our body do we use lasers?

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Physics in laser eye surgery?The deficiency of the eye is examined using the physics of refraction The laser reshapes the cornea of the eye.

Risks of Laser Surgery•Hemorrhage•Infection•Piercing of an organ or tissue•Scar or change skin color•Etc...

What are lasers used to treat sugically?chest painectopic pregnancy fibroid tumorsgallstonesglaucoma ovarian cystsulcersvaricose veinswarts...

What is it?Laser surgery, is surgery using a laser (instead of a scalpel) to cut tissue.

Light vs. Laser

Lasers in surgery

Lasers rely on quantum optics- Quantum optics is a field of research in physics dealing with the application of quantum mechanics to the phenomena involving light and its interactions with matter.

Argon laser: this laser provides the limited penetration needed for eye surgery and superficial skin

Nd:YAG laser: Capable of penetrating tissue deeper than other lasers, it enables blood to clot quickly

Carbon Dioxide Laser: Primarily a surgical tool, this device cuts through or vaporizes tissue

Lasers used in surgery



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