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Laser Printer

Laser Printer

How Laser Printers Work

1.) The data you are wanting to printgoes into Control Circuitry (1)2.)A optical laser (4) fires a charged beam at a rotating polygonal mirror that is bulged in (concave) from between 0.1-20mm depending on the size and use of th printer (5) drawing the shape of the image.3.)This mirror reflects the beam onto theOPC drum (2) which creates a negatively image on the drum unit. 4.) The drum then rotates past the toner hopper (7) attracting the positively chargedtoner particles.5.) The paper is then fed, under the OPC Drum(2)attracting the positively charged toner particles.6.) The paper and the toner is then passed througha ceramic fusing element (12) which melts the toner onto the paper, as it exits the printer.

Gary Starkweather (born 1938) was the man who invented the laser printer. In 1969, Starkweather invented the laser printer at Xerox's Webster research center. He collaborated on the first fully functional laser printing system pefecting his prototype in 1971. It is now available all over the world with many different makes and models.

Who invented it?

What is it Used For?

Benefits and DisadvantagesOver Previous Technology

Benefits: Laser printers are not messy. Since the toner is a dry powder substance, there is no chance of spilling ink on papers, desks or you. Laser printers turn out high-resolution products. This means the print is clear and readable. Laser printers turn out a dry product fast. The average life of a laser printer is 10 years or more.Laser printers may cost more upfront but in the long run it is worth it due to its low "cost per page"

Disadvantages: Laser printers tend to be more expensive than inkjet printers. Printing using an inkjet printer is more cost efficient because the toner is cheaper than the laser printer's toner. Inkjets still do a better job of blending colors smoothly. This is a disadvantage for laser printers as they cannot print crisp photos due to the lack of smooth colour blending. Laser printer cost more money than inkjet printers.

Interesting Fact...

Did you know, the worlds fastest laser printer can print at an astonishing speed of 100 pages per minute?

The worlds fastest printer!


The main use for laser printersis to baisically print anything youlike at a really high speed. The idea of printing may seem dulland not interesting but the technology inside is really something amazing.

How is Optics Used In The Laser Printer?

There are two main elements in the Laser printer that actually use opticsare the Optical Laser and the Mirror that reflects the laser's beam. The lens on the laser is shaped as a concave lens and the mirror is also a concave shape to let the laser beam reflect off of it.


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