Larten Crepsly

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Larten Crepsly

The saga of Larten Crepsly Birth of a killer

Author: Darren Shan

Larten Crepsly: very independent Vur: very similar to LartenSeba: polite and niceWester: knowledge seeker

After Larten’s favorite family member is killed (Vur) at a factory. Larten then kills the murderer and runs of to a graveyard and meets Seba which offers the ultimate decision to, be, or do not be a vampire. He decides to turn into a vampire after many years of work. He then goes to Vampire Mountain and finds out he is not the strongest vampire. Once he leaves there he decides to leave his vampire master Seba, “Was It destiny?”

“Ladies and gentlemen”

“How many loses must I endure.”

“Now there is a man with style

Place: Village, graveyard, cirque du freak tent, Vampire Mountain, and small town.

Time: Late 1800’s and early 1900’sSettings: Night Time usually

It is a great book. It is suspenseful at times which makes you wonder what is going to happen next. The beginning is sad and suspenseful and it is not always sad. Also at the end because it keeps you guessing and guessing. Also for the suspense to end read the next book The Saga of Larten Crepsly Ocean of Blood so read this book.


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