Larry Page

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Larry Page

Larry Page was born lawrence page march 26 1973 in east lansing michigan his father carl page was a pioneer in computer science and artifical intelligence his mother taught cumpter programming.

After earning a bachelor of science deegree in engineering from the university of michigan page decided to concentrate on computer engineering at stanford university were he met Sergey Brin.

As a research project at stanford university page and brin creadted a search engine that listed results according to the popularity of the pages after concluding that the most popular result would often be most useful they called the search engine "google" after the math term googol which means the number one followed by one hunred zeros.

after rasing a million dollars from family friends and other investors the pair launched the company in 1988. goole since has become the worlds most poppular search engine reciving a average 5.9 billion searches per day in 2013 headquaterd in hte heart of california silicon valley.

on august 10 2015 page and brin announced a new parent company to oversee google and other subdiaries the company was called alphabet page and brin were ste to serve as the ceo and president with sundar pichai stepping up as googles new executive.