Large Mouth Bass (Pond Ecosystem)

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Large Mouth Bass (Pond Ecosystem)

Large Mouth Bass

Pond Ecosystems and the large mouth bass'niche

Great video there!

A freshwater pond where largemouth usually live

A large mouth bass(micropterus salmoides) live in ponds, lakes large rivers and slow-moving streams. They aften group together and form around under-water structures, such as large rocks, drop offs, etc... They like vegetation but will usually eat smaller fish, and/or frogs and insects. It eats early morning and in the early evening. Their role is to of course reproduce and protect their young. However, without these largemouth bass, their predators wouldn't be able to feed on them and survive, such animals are: Great Blue Heron, Yellow Perch, Channel Catfish, and so much more!

Freshpond ecosytem, largemuth at the top of food chain

Bass fishing is a very popular sport, and competitive


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