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Patuxai Park

Patuxai, in Laotian, means Victory gate, symboling the war victory. It is a war monument, built around 1960. Many men fought and died for thier freedom from France, and the government thought a monument dedicated to these men was s god idea, but while building this monument, that isn't what they had in mind. They were actually building an airport, using american funds. However, the Laotian government thought the monument was more important than a new airport. This is how it earned it's nickname, "vertical runway." inside the moument, there are five towers that represent the five different principles of coexistence: flexibility, prosperity, honor, and thoughtful amiability.

Vat that Khao

Mekong River

The mekong river is one of the most famous rivers in Asia. It is the world's 12th longest river and 7th in Asia. Around 4,350 kilometers long, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Laos. One problem with this rier is that it is hard to navigate. This means that in the past, it divided instead of united Southeast Asia. Recently, Southeast Asia has united to become one land not seperated by this river, but united becasue of it.

The COPE Visitoe Center is where many people can come to view "sculptures" made of leftover bombs from the vietnam war. Also, it is rehabiliation center for people who have lost limbs. COPE creates asthetic limbs made of bomb duds. They take the limbs off of the sculptures and fit them to people who need it. They first founded COPE for men who lost limbs during the vietnam war, and has evolved into a rehabiliation center.

COPE Visitor Center

Buddha Park

Vat that Khao is a Buddhist temple made in 1880. Located in Veintiane, it is one of the most visited temples in Laos. It also has a rich historical background. It was built for Shiva, the water god beacuse there were springs below the temple that would create mist. This temple's sole purpose was to worship Shiva. It was built here becuase it was believed to be the best location for worshipping this water god.

Great Sacred Stupa

The great sacred Stupa is a gold covered tower made for worshipping Buddha. Around the tower, there are "houses" of monks and bigger-than-life-size statues of Buddha.

Buddha park is a park that many go to worship and practice Buddhism. Although it is not a temple, some call it a temple because of it's religous sculptures. In 1958, Luang Po built this park to share his veiw of Buddism with his country.


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