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laniwaterfall building

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My wonderful Invention

My invention is a Waterfall Building that is 25 stories. It is a building with a waterfall flowing from the side of it about 16 ft away. At the end of the waterfall is a energy collcetor that collects the energy from the waterfall and stores it to be transfered into electricity and used later in the day. There is an indoor pool on the 15th floor, aglass panel will replace the windows. This panel can open and close leaving a cool breeze path as well as the noise from the waterfall

This invention is important because I think that this will inspire other people to make projects that are pretty but at the same time enviornment friendly. This waterfall will make a ordinary building into a beautiful landmark and also a enviornment friendly building.

Design Brief

Most buildings are either too simple and do not help the enviornment. Other buildings make waterfalls that are plain and do not blend with the building and use water without being eco-friendly.



A waterfall building! This building will have a flowing waterfall that is hanging off a panel 16ft away from the building.

Design Specifications

1. Makes a beautiful waterfall on the side of a building.2. The energy from the waterfall is used to run the building making the building eco-friendly.3. The panel will open and close by the indoor pool.4. The waterfall will make the outside of the building cooler as well.5. The water will be reused so that water is not wasted.

Hypothetical Test

The waterfall and sliding panel will be tested. I will test if the splashs of the waterfall to make sure that they wont interfer with people or anything else. I will test the distance that the waterfall is flowing from to make sure that the splashing will not make water marks on the windows of the building.

I will make a smaller model about 5 ft high to test the flow from the waterfall and how much water is needed, I will messure the splashes and multiply that by the size of how much bigger the actual model is. I will make sure that the panel will work.



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