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Lanie Pritchard

Sebastain Rodriguez Carmeno

BORN/DIEDSebastian was born in the late 1500s and died in the early 1600s in Portug.

Sebastian Rodriguez Carmeno!

BACK AROUND INFO New Spain depended on the trade goods to make a trip from Acapulco to Manila.

FINDINGS The chart made by Sebastian of the california coast was the most accurate that had been charted up to that time.

SEBASTIAN'S EXPIDITIONSThe spanish athorities had given Sebastian his mission but Sebastian had faild his mission but also he had retured with his crew to New Spain in disgrace although he did a great job of maping the califirnia caost.

INTERESTING FACTSTey have been using new equipment such as subbottorn mapping sonar and improved magnetometer with this new equipment they have located several places where iron has been buried under the ocean sand.



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