Langur Monkey

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Langur Monkey

Langur Monkeys

Langurs are known as leaf-eating monkeys because they feed mostly on leaves. Other than leaves, they also eat fruit, shoots, roots, seeds, flowers, and grass.

Life Span: about 20 years in the wild

Langurs can reach 17 to 31 inches in height and 11 to 40 pounds in weight. Their tail can be up to 42 inches long. Males are larger than females.

Size and Weight:

Langur monkeys are found across India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Burma and Sri Lanka. Langur monkeys stay in groups of 10 to 40 monkeys. You can find them in forests, mangrove swamps and even urban areas.

I am SO cute!!


They live in troops that consist of about 10 to 40 individuals.

Interesting Facts: Langur Monkeys cannot swim but they can jump over rivers!




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