languages for kids

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languages for kids

languges for kids

to have conversations with your students using the language which you're teaching them.talking using a certain langugae is the best way to learn or to teach it & to correct any errors in spelling .

giving the students a sheet of paper with some text,and ask them to find the meaning,they can use a dictionary.

you can give them a lot of lettereslike the following:ukiotredwstnmfeand ask them to give you words as much as they can using those letters.

Hidden WordsHide words from the language you are teaching in a snake so that they are all bunched up, e.g. in English, write 'helloareyouokwhatareyoudoingtoday'.Then the students would have to put lines in these words so that they make sense... hello_are_you_ok_what_are_you_doing_today.You can do this in any language as long as the words are spelt correctly and the children have been taught them previously.

kids will enjoy learning languages using learning designs which contains colors,cartoons,animations....etc,also you can use flash cards,songs & cartoon films .but the most important is to talk to them using the langugae .


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