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Language Development Project

The Humanistic Learning Approach

Interaction is the key!Fact: For language development to occur, interaction has to take place; language is acquired actively not passivelyFact: Language is social - being exposed to another language develops more effective communication skillsFact: Literacy is also social - there are aspects of language that we can only acqire through interaction with othersFact: Educators need to relate to their diverse students in a warm and supportive manner, instilling confidence in them and interacting with them keeping their beliefs, values, and cultures in mindFact: Scientific research on vocabulary development demonstrates that children learn the majority of their vocabulary indirectly through conversations and listening to adults read to themFact: Reading repetitively out loud, especially poetry, is helpful for ELL students(Antunez, B., 2002, Belakhdar, L, 2010, Deluca, M., 2015, Hustad, K., 2015, Lanir, L. 2011)

Almost everyone acquires a first language, but not everyone acquires a second language. Acquiring a first language happens naturally, while acquiring a second language requires much effort on the part of the learner (Venegas, C., 2009).

Facts: First and Second Langauge Development, being Bilingual, and brain related issues:

* Desires students to learn to interact well with others*Focuses on personality development, cooperation, and a community of learners*Encourages students' successes*Celebrates students' differences and encourages them to express themselves: share interests, hobbies, ethnic background, etc.*Utilizes cooperative learning: students work together in pairs, groups, and as a community during instruction, practice, and assessments(Echevarria & Graves, 2011)

We need change.....The achievement gap in math, reading, and writng widens from elementary school to middle school and high school, which is why we need a new approach for secondary learners.(Abedi, J., & O'Conner, R., 2012)

Being Bilingual

Express Yourself Don'tRepressYourself

The Humanistic Learning Theory

Language Acquisition vs Language Learning

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.”― Charlemagne

Children acquire language through a subconscious process and they are unaware of grammatical rules. They learn through natural communication.On the other hand, language learning is not communicative. It is the result of direct instruction. We need to change this, because much research has shown that knowing grammar rules does not result in good speaking or writing. We need a learning approach that focuses on communication and social interaction (Haynes, J., 2011).

First and Second Language Development

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