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Language Arts

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Language Arts: Poetry Binder

"Presenting"There are four parts in presenting your "Poetry Binder"1. Present your Theme of your Binder.2. Choose your favorite poem.3. Read the poem that you have written.

"Organizing"1. Order your poems in such a way that they make sense to the reader who is reading your binder.2. Create a Table of Contents with Poets Name, Poem Title, and Page Number.

"Create Your Own"Using your theme and your favorite style of poem, create a poem that is more than 10 stanzas/lines.Have an adult revise and edit your rough draft with you. Place this in the back pocket of your binder.

"In Depth Research"1. Choose your favorite poet from one you have used. Choose your favorite poet (you've used) & choose another poem of theirs you enjoy.ORChoose your favorite style poem & find another poem with that same stye you enjoyl

"Finding Poetry to Fill Your Binder"1. You must have one of each type/style of poem that is listed in your Appendix A.2. You can only use one poet for each poem, no repeats of poems.3. Keep all poems in mind of your theme. During any time of your presentation (mentioned later) you will have to tell the class how it relates to the theme of your binder.

"Setting Up Your Poetry Binder"1. Choose a 1/2 Binder with the clear plastic cover on the front (any color).2. Set up your Appendex A. Use the information from your class notes and research.3. Choose a theme that you want all your poems to surround. BONUS: If you choose an important time in American History!!!

Language Arts:Poetry Binder


Robert Frost; The Road Not Taken

This project-based learning is geared to the Common Core State Standards for 4th grade in Language Arts. It expects the student to identify the many different themes of poetry and correlate them into one specific theme of their choice. They are to find poems from different poets and of different styles. While also, creating their own personal poem that is related to the theme they had chosen. Once they have created their own theme binder, a collection of their poems, become a poet themselves, they are then to present their theme, favorite poem, and personal poem in such a manner in front of the class that shows their understandings of the unit and creativity with their peers and teacher.This entails the Instructional Strategies from Dean as Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback, Summarizing and Note Taking, and Identifying Similarities and Differences. (Dean, Classroom Instruction that Works, pg. xviii)CREATED BY JESIKA CLARK UNE EDUCATION 707 FEB. 3, 2013


Poetry Binder Project4th GradeLanguage Arts*Research and Following Obejectives, Summarizing/Note Taking/Applying Notes, Identifying Similarities & Differences



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