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Language Arts
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Language Arts// Myths

The Myths

For many years, it has been believed that black bears are more likely to attack when they loose their fear of humans. This is proven not to be true because reasearchers have worked with black bears and gave them food so they'll loose their fear but they didn't get attacked they only got scratched and nips.

Ruth Labarge had trained bears in North America. She had owned kodiak bears and black bears.Her bears had appeared in over 18 commercials and 12 movies. She said one of the reactions her bears have is when they open there mouth and look furious.

The Myths. What are the myths that are coming around? Do you guys believe in myths/ Some of the myths of black bears has been shared as "good," and "bad.". The good ones are recognized as this, "The teddy bears of the forest," or, " the guardians." The Indians too have called bears as sister, brother, uncle, grandpa. On the other hand, the bad myths are shared, for example, "The modern dangerous dragons," due to their claws, teeth, and size.

Are bears more likely to attack people when they loose their fear of them?


Taming Bears

By: Meredith Diaz

Some people believe that between 1900 and 2007 more than 60 people were killed by 1 black bear all those years. For decades people played or mingled with black bears and 98% were killed.

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By: Luis Hernandez

By: Jose Marrero

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