Lnaguage Arts in My Life

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Language Arts

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Lnaguage Arts in My Life

Language Arts in my life



I write everyday when I:-send text messages to my friends and family-write emails-write out lists of things I need to do-do homework assignments

I use speech everyday when I:-call my family members on the phone-talk to my friends -talk to my teachers and peers in class-talk to my dog

I read everyday in my life when I:-read text messages-read emails from teachers-read directions-read books-read stories online


I Listen: -To my teachers during class-to my mentor teach and give me adviceto my students tell me about what their learning-To my friends tell me about their day-to music


I represent when I: -research activites to teach-google information that I want to know more about-look up recipes

I Visualize when I: - dream of my future career as a teacher-imagine having a family of my own-hope to change lives

I believe that the Language Arts are important because in order for us to learn anything we need to be able to read, write and communicate with one another. To study math we need to be able to read directions, to study science and social studies we need to be able to read informational text, stay up to date on current events and read documents from the past. In order to write down information for future knowledge we need to be able to write and in order to communicate with another, build relationships and gather information from our peers we need to be able to speak clearly. The language arts are extremely important to me because I believe that communicating and learning from one another is the best way to learn.




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