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Langston University

Langston University

What would eventually come to be known as Langston University was founded in 1897 as Colored Agricultural and Normal University

In 1898 the first classes were held in the Presbyterian Church during the construction of the first buildings for the University.

There was much debate about the curriculum that the University would offer. It was not until 1941 when the school found some stability in its administration that it was able to provide continuous accredited programs to students. This was also the time that the University officially changed the name to Langston in honor of John Mercer Langston, a prominent black educator and Politician.

Langston was able to offer one of the first machine shops at a black university

Attendance increased steadily for the university, with only a dip in attendance during World War II, which brought the students down to a low point of 314. The GI Bill returned the numbers back to normal after the war.

Beginning in the 1960's with Civil Rights and with more of the white universities around the state and country accepting black students, the need for a college such as Langston came into question. Langston's President G. Lamar Harrison answered with the statement that "until racial bias is totally eliminated in Oklahoma, a college like Langston has the peculiar function of maintaining, preserving, and disseminating the cultural heritage of the Negro people."

Today, Langston is a thriving University that boasts a mix of cultures and races while keeping its identity as a historically black college.


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