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Landslides (by ambermchelle24)


San Mateo County CA

landslides occur from natural and human causes. Natural causes like earthquakes -moves the soil heavy rain fall - over saturates soil instabilities in slopes

humans cause landslides by deforestation, cultivation, construction, and earth work which destabilize the land

landslides are the mass movement of soil, rocks which causes debris flows and large rocks to slide damaging property and taking lives in its path

to reduce impact of landslides aviod building on slopes or close to the edges of mountains or areas that have already had landslidesflat areas are considered safe

prepare for it by getting a ground assessment of the land and an evacuation plan learn about the area you live in to see if it is prone to landslides

to protect life and property build retaining walls or deflection wallsdo not rip up vegetation and plants on the area

Laguna Beach,CA 2005



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