Landscape Arch

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Landscape Arch

I graphed one point at (0,0) and then another at (295,0)I placed the vertex at (147.5, 77.5)

Longest natural rock span in the world. The opening is 295 feet wide. The arch is 77.5 feet high.

In 1991 a massive slab of rock fell from the center.

Located in Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.

landscape Arch

Named by Frank Beckwith (Leader of the Arches National Monument Scientific Expedition.

I found the vertex by dividing 295 by 2, then I placed the vertex at the highest point in the arch as the vertex.

To get my formula I set both X values to equal zero. Substracted the 295 to get X alone. Then distributed the x from x(x-295)=0 to get x^2-295x=0

X Intercepts- (0,0) and (295,0) They are the base of the arch. Y Intercept (0,0) It is the start of the arch before it starts to curve.



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