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LandformsThere are two types of Grasslands there are Temeperate Grasslands and Savanna Grasslands. Some landforms found in Temperate Grasslands are Steppes, mountians, and hills. Savanna Grasslands never have mountians, usually made up of plateaus, and are near deserts.

GrasslandsBy:Dukotah VremKordell Norem

Average RainfallTemperate GrasslandsAverage anywhere from 10-35 inches of rain per month.Savanna Grasslands average 20-50 inches of rain.

Average Temprature Per MonthTemperate Grasslands average 100 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and -40 degrees in winter. Savanna Grasslands average 68-86 degrees in summer and 68-78 degrees in winter.

Types of PlantsIn a Temperate Grassland are only types of grass, because the envirement makes it hard for anything else to grow.Savanna Grasslands only allow certian grasses and limited amounts of trees such as Pine Trees, Palm Trees, Acacia Trees.

Animals in the GrasslandsTemperate: Coyotes, Ferrets, Foxes, Etc.Savanna: African Elephant, African Wild Dog, Black Mamba, ETC.


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