Landforms of U.S.A.

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Landforms of U.S.A.

The Many Landforms of U.S.A.

Our landforms range from glaciers to volcanoes, and flat plains to mountains!

Let's check some of them out!

Glaciers are rivers of ice formed from compacting snow. Alaska has over 100, 000 glaciers.

The Great Plains have been called "The Breadbasket" or "The Heartland" because the fertile land is excellent for growing crops such as wheat and corn.

The Mojave Desert is located in portions of California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. It is named for the Native American Indians who lived there.

The Mississippi River begins in Minnesota at Lake Itasca and flows 2,350 miles south into the Gulf of Mexico.

Each island of Hawaii is made of one or more volcanoes. The largest island, Hawaii, consists of five volcanoes which are gently sloping "shield volcanoes."

The Appalachian Mountains are a series of ranges located across the eastern region of our country, and extend into Canada.

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