[2014] Kylie Nicholson: Landforms - Mountains

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[2014] Kylie Nicholson: Landforms - Mountains

Mountains are landforms that rise above the area around it. They cover about 1/5 of the world. Mountains can be created in many different ways. One of these ways is tectonic plates crashing together with such force that they crumble upward and form a mountain. Other ways could be erosion, volcanism, etc. The top of a mountain is called a peak or a ridge. There are many examples of mountains: Mount Everest, Half Dome, Boundary Peak, Mount Rose,and Mount Kilimarjaro. Life on a mountain Living on a mountain is cold, and there are not many plants. If you live on a mountain, you will need snow plows, warm clothes, and chains on your tires so that you can drive on the snow and ice. You may not know it, but mountains are very important. They provide 80% of our fresh water. Some bad things that happen to mountains are climate change, exploitative mining, armed conflict, and hunger that threatens the web of life that the mountains support. Description- A tall elevated landform created by either erosion, tectonic plates, or volcanic actvity.Characteristics- A tall elevated landform that can have snow, ice, and little vegetation.


Landforms- Mountains

Fun Facts

1.) ''Young'' mountains tend to have sharp peaks while older moutains have smoother or rounder peaks.2.) As you get higher in elevation, the pressure decreases so that every 1,000 feet the temp. drops 3 to 4 degrees.3.) Mountains are more abundant in oceans than on land. 4.)Some islands are tops of mountains poking out of the water.5.)The tallest known mountain in the univerce is Olympus Mons. It is 3x the size of Everest.5.)Some of the tallest mountains are at the bottom of the ocean.

Half Dome

Mount Rose

Boundary Peak

Mount Kilimarjaro

Mount Everest


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