[2015] Hailee Watson: The Land of Stories

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[2015] Hailee Watson: The Land of Stories

One day Alex and Conner's world is turned upside down. After a devistating tradgedy, the twins are given something very special to them. It turned out to be a magical gateway into a very special place. Read as the twins set off to obtain the wishing spell items to get back home, for it can only be used once more and never again.



The protagonist or main characters are, as you probably know, Alex and Conner. They play a major roll as they try to get home after landing into the fairtale world. The antagonist are the Evil Queen and the Big Bad Wolf Pack (desendents from the big bad wolf). Since the Wishing Spell can only happen once more and the Evil Queen needs it for another reason, she sends the Big Bad Wolf Pack after the twins.Minor characters such as the charming brothers, their wives, a frog-man, the fairy council, and more play small roles that help the twins on their quest.

In the our world, the setting is the twins' new house and school. In the fairytale land the settings are many kingdoms and landmarks such as the Northern Kingdom and rivers.

If you like adventure with lots of twists and a hint of magic, then this is the book for you. And if you like this book then read the second, third, and fourth book.



for more info look up on google


The Land of Stories:The Wishing Spellby Chris Colfer


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