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Land of legends

Land Of Legends



FiordlandFiordland natural park on New Zealand's south Island is like an out-door museum: the area is home to hundreds og native plants,flowers, and animals that can't be found anywhere else in the world the most amazing thing in Fiordland, though, is the magical sight of the fiords themselves-narrow strips of water, some over 200 meters deep,that cut betwenn the high mountains facing the coast.For centuries , New Zealand's native Maori were the only people who knew aboult Fiordland. They took trips there to hunt animals and to collect greenstone. Fiordland has since become an important part of local Maori legends. The first Europeans arrived in 1778,when ships led by James Cook came to explore the coast of New Zeland. The majority of today's travelers come to enjoy over 480 kilometers og walking paths. Tourists who enjot risker activites can explore the fiords by kayak or helicopter .However they are viewed, the reflections on the surface of New Zeland 's famaous fiords are a magical sight.

Site: FiordlandLocation: Saouth Island, New ZealandCategort:NaturalStatus:Word Heritage Sitesince 1990

Local Legends,Maori legend says that a gof named Tu-te-raki-whanoa cut the coastline, making the fiords so taht people could settle the land. today visitors may recognize Fiordland from a more recent example of storying : from 2001-2003 , the was used for scenes of "Middle Earth" in the popular film series Lord of the Rings, directed by New zealander Peter Jackson

Glossaryendangered: in danger ıf dying out completelygreenstone : a dark green rock used for making jewelry and satues

Birds in DangerUntil the first European visitors introduced foreign animals to New Zealand ehre were no naturel predators. Because they were not hunted, many of New Zealand's native birds are mow physical unable to fly. These inculude the kiwi, the takahe, and the kakapo. These birds must now rely on their seedy legs to quickly find place to hide from predators. many are rere;some are now in danger of dying out completely

a native Maori wears a cloak made of kiwi feather



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