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A Summary of Chapter ThreeWith each chapter of Lamentations being a poem, the one spanning chapter three is my favourite. It is entitled God’s Steadfast Love Endures. While the other four pieces of this section quickly adopt a mournful and distraught nature, this particular poem expresses the writer’s endless faith in the Lord, despite what the people of Jerusalem have been put through. The author seems to be a former citizen of the razed city, while the speaker is Jerusalem herself. The poem begins by recounting the extreme trials the speaker has had to face, and God’s role in each. The mood is very melancholic and mournful, but around halfway through the poem, the tone shifts completely. After recalling the tribulations the speaker has endured and how God played a part in each, the piece goes on to describe God’s role in the hope of redemption. Despite God being the cause of the destruction of Jerusalem, He is also the only thing that sustained its people. The Lord’s love and mercy is unfailing; He is good to those who put their complete trust in Him.


Personal RelationFortunately, I have not had to experience anything as painful as the destruction of my nation in my lifetime, but I feel as though I can relate to this story anyways. The authors of each of the poems of Lamentations express their feelings of abandonment, by God and by others. I could easily relate to this feeling of loneliness and isolation, as I’m sure most people can.At the same time, there is an underlying note of hope in each poem, however small it may be. This aspect really drew me in because those small rays of hope in dark times are what have really helped me keep my faith in the Lord. The authors of each poem know that God is the only person who will truly be able to provide redemption, just as I have come to realize.

The BasicsLamentations is a book of the Bible classified as stories, poetry, and wisdom. There are a total of five chapters contained in this book. Each chapter is its own poem. These poems commemorate the national disaster of Jerusalem, which took place in 586 B.C.E. All five were written in the aftermath of said destruction.

Prominent VersesFirst: “How lonely lies Jerusalem, once so full of people! Once honoured by the world, she is now like a widow; The noblest of cities has fallen into slavery.” - Lm. 1:1Last: “Or have you rejected us forever? Is there no limit to your anger?” - Lm. 5:22Personal Favourites:“Jerusalem sinned grievously, so she has become a mockery.” - Lm. 1:8“He has poured out His fury like fire. The Lord has become like an enemy; He has destroyed Israel.” - Lm. 2:4-5“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end.” - Lm. 3:22“Why should any who draw breath complain about the punishment of their sins?” - Lm. 3:39

The Main ThemeThe theme of this book speaks of the aftermath of ruin and exile following the destruction of Jerusalem. It also sheds light on the consequences of the people's sins. Despite the mournful nature adopted by the majority of the book, there is also an underlying note of trust in God and hope for the future.


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