Lakota Tribe

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Lakota Tribe

Lakota Tribe A Division of the Sioux Nation

They were primarily hunters. They hunted bison, along with deer and elk. The tribe would eat jerky and crops like: corn, squash, and beans.

The tribe was displaced from the Black Hills and adopted the nomadic lifestyle. They moved from place to place following herds of bison.

Lakota was one of the first original Native American tribes. They were often known as "Red Indians". They were peaceful amongst their own people, but hostile to those not within the tribe.

The Lakota Tribe resided in the Northern Great Plains of the United States in: Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota.

Sitting Bull was a famous chief and medicine man.

The Lakota tribe lived in teepees made of long wooden poles and covered in bison hide. The teepees were easy to move during their travels.

By: Ashley Mahoney


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