Lakota People

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Lakota People

Early Lakota LifestyleThe Lakota people lived simple lives. Family and nature were considered invaluable to them.Children helped by doing chores. They enjoyed playing lacrosse.Women were in charge of the household. Women raised the family, cooked, made the family home (tipis) and clothes. They enjoyed crafts such as beadwork and porcupine quillwork.Men provided meat for the family. They followed buffalo herds. Buffalo meat was turned into meals and their hides were used for clothing and homes.

The Lakota people were forced off of their land by the American government. Their simple lifestyles living off the land completely changed. How did they respond to this? How are they living today?

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LakotaDaily Life

Cradleboards were used to carry children.

Lacrosse was played for sport against neighboring tribes.

The Lakota Way

Tribes lived in tipi (teepee) communities.


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