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Earth Sciences

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About Lahars - Lahars are a type of mudflow composed of pyroclastic material, rocky debris, and water. - Lahars are extremely destructive, they flow very fast and are very deep making it impossible for people to get away


Lahars are usually measured by the mud level that they leave behind on trees and walls. Some can also leave behind lakes and ponds.

Lahar at Mount Pinatubo

The regions that are at the most risk for lahars Mount Rainier in the U.S., Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand, and Galunggung in Indonesia.

Lahar OccurancesMount Pinatubo- This lahar occured after an eruption in 1991. It caused damages to craft on the ground and influenced the withdrawal of U.S. forces from the Philippines.Nevado del Ruiz- This volcano is infamous for the Armero tragedy, during which 23,000 people died.

In order for humans to prepare for a lahar there must be established volcano evacuation routes, early warning systems like the Philippines use, or just don't live near a volcano.


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