[2015] Clarissa Cron: Lafayette

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[2015] Clarissa Cron: Lafayette

Lafayette is a city along the Vermilion river. It is in Southwester Loisiana , and is the 4th largest city in the state.It has an area of 123.5 km². It has a population of 124,276 (as of 2013), and has a Unemployment rate 5.4% (as of Mar 2015).


There is total of 176,051 people over the age of 5, out of that 25,300 of them speak french. That is 14.37% of the population.

thank you to wikapedia for all the info and to google for the pictures.

It's here

This is what it looks like!

GeographyLafayette is at an eluvation of 36 feet above sea levele, and is located at 30°12′50″N 92°01′46″W.

HistoryLafayette was first settled by the Attakapas Indians. Befor 1765 there weren't many Eurpeans and the one that were there were trapers and smuglers. It wasm't till after 1765 that the Eurpeans and Spanish began to settle there.


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