[2014] Danielle Lozier (2020Class): Ladybugs

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[2014] Danielle Lozier (2020Class): Ladybugs

Ladybugs smell with their feet and their antennaes. They breath through the sides of their bodies. Ladybugs are most active when their body temperature is 75 degrees or warmer. Female ladybugs are larger than male ladybugs.

There are over4,300 different species of ladybugs in the world. And in just North America, there are about 400 species of ladybug.


Not Enough FoodIf food is low, ladybugs WILL eat each other.

Instead of chewing up and down like us, ladybugs chew side to side. When a ladybug flies, its wings beat 85 times every second.

Fun FactsThe color of a ladybug’s spots begin to fade as it gets older. A ladybug’s bright color warns birds and other animals that it doesn't taste good.

Some states have the ladybug as its offical bug. A ladybugs life span in the wild is about two years.


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