Lady of Ashes

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Lady of Ashes

By:Christine Trent

External Conflict:Lady of Ashes focuses on how Violet is up against the murderer, thereby creating a ‘character vs. character’ conflict. Violet is also pivoted against Graham, who is going slightly insane over trying to 'destroy' America.

Plot Back in 1861, in Victorian London, Violet Morgan and her husband Graham Morgan, ran ‘Morgan Undertaking’. Violet had an undying passion for their business, it was something she was phenomenal at. One calamitous day, Violet and a young girl named Susanna were caught in a dire train crash, and Violet took Susanna under her wing. On yet another fateful day, Fletcher, Graham’s brother, found a way to sell the American Confederacy weapons, and Violet was suddenly thrust into Mr. Harper, a character whose intent was to apprehend the brothers. However, Violet had something much more important to attend to- all of her corpse clients had been poisoned.

CharactersViolet Morgan never was very good at keeping up a household, no, she perferred dressing corpses to hiring servants.In Victorian England, Mrs. Morgan was unheard of. Nonetheless,Violet's curious spirit and unyielding passion for her company would be what saves them all.

Basic Information Lady of Ashes is based off of Victorian London in 1861. The genre is mystery. The point of view is from third person. The imagery used is excellent!

Protagonist: Violet Morgan. When no one sees the murder connections the way she does, Violet takes things into her own hands.Antagonist: The 'behind the scenes' murderer is held accountable. (Read Lady of Ashes to find out who he/she is!)

Lady of Ashes"For a Victorian Undertaker, Death is Still the Greatess Mystery..." (Christine Trent)


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