Lady Murasaki Shikibu

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Lady Murasaki Shikibu

Lady Murasaki Shikibu was born in 973.Her mother died in 976 so Murasaki's father had to raise her and her brother alone.At age 18 she married her second cousin Fujiwara no Nobutaka.Fujiwara died in 1001 leaving her to raise her only daughter.Seven years after her husband's death she wrote The Tale of Genji.She wrote the book while working as the empress's lady-in-waiting.The book was published 13 years later.She retired two years later than died to years after retiring.


973 - Lady Murasaki's birth 990- Lady Murasaki was wed and had a child.1001 - Her husband death 1008-she wrote The Tale of Genji1008-1010 - She worked as a lady-in-waiting for the empress1021-the Tale of Genji was published1023 -She retired at age 501025 -She died at age 52

Lady Murasuki greatest accomplishment was writing the Tale of Genji.The Tale of Genji was over 400 pages long.Her book was published 13 years after she wrote it.Lady Murasuki wrote tthe world's firsyt written novel.

Lasting Impact

Lady Murasaki left a huge impact on the world because The Tale of Genji is the worlds first written novel.


Lady Murasaki Shikibu



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