Lady Diana Spencer

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Lady Diana Spencer

Sourceswww.googleimages.comLady Diana Sperncer by: Nancy Whitelaw

Princess Diana was born on July 1st,1961.

In 1975 Princess Diana graduated Riddlesworth school and enrolled at West Health School in Kent.

On July 29th 1981, Diana married Prince Charles.

On June 21st 1982, Diana had a son named William.

Princess Diana attended a school that required students to help people in need, and assist the elderly. Even though she graduated from that school, she still enjoyed helping others, so she continued by making it a priority to put others first. These photos show some of her main causes, sick children and land mine sites.

Lady Diana Spencer, a royal hero

On September 15th, 1984, Prince Harry was born.

On August 28th 1996, Charles and Diana divorced.

Sadly, on August 31st 1997, Diana was killed in a car accident

The paparazzi constantly followed the princess. She hated having no privacy especially for her children. In the end they caused her death too. Her car was chased down in Paris by phtographers.

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