[2014] asoldiviero (Default class): Lady Capulet

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[2014] asoldiviero (Default class): Lady Capulet

Lady Capulet

Lady Capulet is part of the Capulet family and is a rival to the Montague family. Lady Capulet lived in Verona and she is maried to Lord Capulet and the mother of Juliet. Lady and Lord Capulet were royalty. Lady Capulet cares for her family and trys to be a good parent. Although the nurse mostly takes care of Juliet, Lady Capulet does what ever she can to help her and make her happy. Lady Capulet looks out for her family and cares for everyone in her family for example her brother's family.

But one, poor one, one poor and loving child," pg. 256 line 49 Act 4 scene 5. I chose this quote because it shows that Lady Capulet loves her family and she is more than just royalty.

"We will have vengance for it, fear thou not; then weep no more." Pg 208 lines 91-92 Act 3 scene 4. I chose this quote because it shows how Lady Capulet does her best to keep Juliet happy.

'Tybalt, my nephew! My brother's child! Oh prince! Husband!' Pg 171 lines 146-147 Act 2 scene 5. I chose this quote because it shows that Lady Capulet cares for everyone in her family.

Lady Capulet's MixtapeDown by the Water by PJ Harvey Daughters by John Mayer Let it Be by the Beatles Our house by madness In My Daughter's Eyes by Martina McBribes Royals by Lorde Mother by DanzigI O U by Jimmy Dean


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