Ladies and Children not Admitted - Episode 7

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Ladies and Children not Admitted - Episode 7

Huck progresses in realizing that blacks care just as much about their family as whites. Huck is clearly still lying and cheating to get by and is badly influenced by the duke and the king. Overall, Huck changes to become more understanding of blacks, but not more mature in everyday life.

The authors purpose of this episode is to show that whites really are not all that great and that blacks care about their families just as much as whites, and probably more, based on how Huck's Pap treated him. Mark Twain does this by showing the drunk white man and the white sheriff killing the innocent drunk man. He also shows the white duke and king scamming the whole town to watch them run around a stage naked except for body paint. He shows the black compassionate side when Jim misses his family and how he regrets hitting his daughter when he did not realize she was deaf.

Episode 7 (Ch. 21-23)"Ladies and Children Not Admitted"

1) What is real courage?2) Should the color of your skin affect how you treat others?

The setting of Episode 7 is a town is Arkansas. The people there would not go to a Shakespeare play, but would go to see a naked man ran around stage. They entertain themselves by getting drunk and watching dog fights.

Boggs- The town drunk who always says he will beat up everyone but is really harmless. He is shot by the town's colonel in front of his daughter.Colonel Sherbern- The town's colonel, he shot the drunk, Boggs, after Boggs confronted him. The town then called him a murderer, and they all went to his house to lynch him. He has a gun and calls the crowd cowards for trying to kill him in the daytime and that none of them have real courage, they just borrow it from their mass. The mob eventually goes away.

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